It’s Food, and it’s Free! OR Ending World Hunger, one Cookout at a Time

When students of our alma mater decided to host the university at a cookout, they knew there was only one place they could get a growth hacking strategy and finger lickin’ branding all in one package.


We started with an analysis of the target audience and crafted a growth hacking strategy leveraging humour from inside jokes within the University to create hilarious marketing collateral and sign up forms. We then swapped out the submit button on the forms with a prompt to share the form on Whatsapp also using humour that was difficult to resist. The forms had over 500 organic hits and 250 organic shares within 36 hours and without any promotion budget. It grew so fast, the team was forced to revise targets for the event.

To control the flow of cash at the event, we developed a pseudo currency and created a BDC post to convert naira to “K-Notes” which were used at the event.

The event was fun-packed, and well attended with over 300 bright eyed students – the largest student led cookout in the University of Ibadan till date.


  1. Branding
  2. Growth Hacking
  3. Sales & Marketing Strategy


Today is the day you create the experience of your dreams.