Skit Store Design & Branding

Something for EveryOne

 When your favourite back to school supply store needed to expand to provide “Something for Everyone”, your favourite creative team was called in to provide the necessary shop face lift (thinking of how we can play on the word “shoplift”).

We basically redesign the store layout, creating an aesthetic and intuitive layout for an immersive shopping experience. It’s simply enough for you to locate what you’re looking for, but also interesting enough to keep you lost down the rabbit hole, like Alice in Wonderland. The layout catered for strategic item placement, intuitive landmarks, exciting “clues” here and there.

In addition to this face lift, we also curated the launch strategy to ensure that users took the red pill (reference to the Matrix, you could find a better reference) and increased retail store traffic



  1. Brand Strategy,
  2. Communication Strategy,
  3. Commerce Design,
  4. Retail Strategy


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