Skin Documentary

It's not that deep or is it?

 The project started out with a simple phone call, late 2018. It was originally a branding project for the documentary, but as providence would have it, we were asked to work on the VFX as well –  a leap of faith by our client at the time seeing as we had no priors. 

The Skin visual brand identity was developed as a type based logo for easy recognition. It was based on a sleek and modern font with a personality and armed with distinct curved edges to depict warmness. We played around with a pun on the “k” to indicate a peeling off, highlighting “in” and aims to show that the skin is beyond surface level – it’s in! 

Jagged edges were used to create the authentic vibe that is is to be truly human. The jagged edges were maintained across marketing collateral including promotional posters and official designs.

Sun Kissed Skin colour tones were used as colours with a dash of red (for what is a skin without some blood eh)

VFX development aligned with the above brand guideline to provide a seamless and consistent visual brand from the promotional posters to the documentary itself.

The Documentary went on to with the AMVCA 2020 award for Best Documentary of the Year, and we are proud to have been part of the project.


  1. Video Effects,
  2. Branding,
  3. Marketing Strategy


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